IceBreaker - Post Compo Version

made in 48hrs (plus some bonus time) by @pentaphobe for the 26th Ludum Dare in 2013

note: I am frequently updating this, so if it doesn't load just hit refresh as I was likely uploading a revised version

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Alas it all got a bit rushed near the end, so instructions are kind of pointless.
You can shoot things, and move things around, and there are soundy things.
Controls are like your standard RTS (click or drag around your units to select them)


				Space bar - Pause at any time! NEW!
Arrow Keys - pan camera
M - Move
A - Attack
B - Breed (actually clone yourself)
ESC - In-game menu (restart level, exit, etc..)
H - Hurt one of your own guys (testing)
C - Center the camera on your team
E - Center the camera on the enemy's team
[ and ] - Change levels (still working on this!)